Byregot's Ward

Nil Nisi Malis Terrori
No Terror, Except to the Evil

We are the Hand and the Hammer. We are the Line.

Byregot's Ward is known as many things. The company is known primarily as a store and contracting firm, whom serve a wide array of clientele under the banner of the Eorzean Alliance. The Ward seeks to improve the lives of kith and kin through their inventions and research, while still making a healthy amount of Gil.

To a select few however, the Ward is known as a front for informants, scholars, and hunters dedicated to containing and eradicating the malefic and heinous. They seek to safeguard the annals of academia from dark disciplines of magic and science - and act as the arbiters whom would eliminate their practitioners.

Free Company Ranks & Specialties

Those entitled as Leveswain of the Ward: Those whom can tread the line for the good of protecting kith and kin, and whom are trusted by the Ward's Proprietor, are Granted the Following Ranks.

Enforcers: Officers of the Ward and assistants to the Proprietor.

Archivists: The Keepers and Scholars of Byregot's Ward. They are responsible for procuring texts, books, stories. They are also responsible for safeguarding artifacts and articles created by or for malefic arts; and promoting inventions that can improve the lives of others.

Warders: The Knights and Militiamen of Byregot's Ward. They are responsible for the safety of the company and those under the company's banner. When circumstance necessitates the hammer, they are also the ones who are called upon to be that hammer.

Knives: The informants, public eyes, and assassins of Byregot's Ward. They are responsible for keeping the Ward informed on world affairs, and for hunting down practitioners of malefic arts, sometimes by way of utilizing the tools of the enemy against their pray.

New hires and allies of the Ward, whom may not have earned the title of Leveswain yet, begin their journey in the company as Employees or Retainers of the store-front... until they're called upon.

Network Roles

We accept any of the following into our network!

Employees: Member of the Free Company & Discord who has shown interest in and is actively participating/collaborating with the ongoing story of Byregot's Ward regularly as a full member, and have been assigned a Free Company Rank.

Contractors: Affiliates who are engaging in the story of Byregot's Ward part-time. They are the helping hands who jump in to aide the Ward when needed. Optional role for folks who want to occasionally participate in roleplay and are otherwise engaged in most Discord activities, but live busy lives.

Contacts: Friends and associates of the Ward who aren't currently engaging in the Ward's personal story, but still wants to engage in occasional RP, OOC activities, and FC - FC collaboration.

Guests: Folks who have been brought on by another Employee, Contractor, or Contact. Friends & Family to the network, either permanently or temporarily. Alternatively, Guests can be individuals currently being vetted for either the Employee or Contractor role.

Interested in The Ward?
Please contact me on Discord at The-Penman#8782 or In Game on Garrett Sadova @ Mateus.

Thank you! Hope to see you soon.

  • - Due to certain themes and tropes used in our storylines, we can only accept 18+ members.

  • - We're a welcoming group that is LGTBQ+ friendly and whom accept all manner of individuals. Please show respect for each member and their background. Avoid attributing stereotypes to race, gender, or sex.

  • - While we accept friendly argument and debate, some topics are more likely to turn confrontational than others. Please avoid discussing/debating manners concerning Religion and Politics.

  • - Any type of negativity, intolerance, and hate-speech will absolutely not be tolerated.

  • - If you are experiencing issues or have concerns about another member within the Free Company, please message me or one of our designated officers first so that these can be resolved amicably. It is hoped however that all of us can get along with each other.

  • - This Free Company abides by FFXIV's Terms & License Agreements. Activities such as RMT is not allowed. Exceptions are made for certain Mods that do not affect game play.

  • - Botting, Illicit Activities, Member Poaching, and Illegal Activities are not allowed.

  • - Be mindful of others, use your Spoiler's Tags for story related and NSFW posts.

  • - We are all adults. Colloquialism, banter, and jokes are fun and encouraged! Let's please be mindful of tact however, and avoid anything overtly and overly raunchy/sexual and anything relating to abuse or suicide.

  • - Long periods of absence without notice both In Game and on Discord may see network member removed from the Ward.